Aethel - Demon Fly - 4th


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Aethel – Demon Fly – 4th

IQ: 10
ME: 10
MA: 5
PS: 25
PE: 20
PP: 20
PB: 7
SPD: 15: Running 110: Flying

Height: 6-7 feet (1.8 to 2.1 m) long, 2-3 feet (0.6 to 0.9 m) high, 2

foot (0.6 m) wide body with legs and wings tucked in, but has a 14 foot (4.3 m) wingspan when flying. However, can magically reduce their size to 6 inches (15 ern) long (perfect for spying).
Weight: 300 lbs

MDC: 97

HF: 11
PPE: 33


Apm: 5
Initiative: +6
Perception: +6
S: +2
P: +2
D: +6 (Auto Dodge if shrunk)
Disarm: +3
Entangle: +3
Pull: +4
Roll: +4
All Saves: +3
HF: +6

6d6 SDC – Restrained
5d6 MDC – Full
1d6x10 MDC – Power Punch
Bite 104 M.D.
Claw swipe 2d6 M.D.
Electrical Discharge 4D6 M.D. – Range: 500 feet (152 m)

The electrical discharge is fired from the two antennae that are on the head. Demon Flies can fire one shot per attack . All damage is reduced to one S.D.C. point when they are shrunk
and their electrical discharge becomes a static shock that does ID4 S.D.C. Convert all damage to S.D.C. for S.D.C. worlds.


All levels 1-4 Fire Elemental Magic
Fire Whip (30 P.P.E .; 5d6 M.D. , and the whip is twice the normal length for a Baal-Rog)
Animate & Control Dead (20)
Turn Dead (6)
Exorcism (30)
Remove Curse (140)
Heal Wounds (10)


1. Mirrors: For some reason, Demon Flies cannot look at their own image. When confronted with a mirror they instantly tum into a pillar of salt and remain that way unless the grains are collected and made whole via a Restoration spell! The surface must be a true mirror or similar,
highly polished and reflective surface in order for the Demon Fly to see itself. Unclear, distorted or wavy images like that over water only frighten the Demon Fly (Horror Factor of 18) and will send it away (ID4x1000 feet/305 to 1219 m away).

Fortunately for them, there are not many mirrored surfaces in Hades. Note: Being turned to salt in any dimension other than Hades, instantly banishes the Demon Fly from that realm and sends him back to Hades, where the thing must remain for 404 years.

2. Cold and Ice: Demon Flies become sluggish in winter conditions and temperatures at freezing or below (reduce Spd, attacks per melee and all bonuses by half; round down). Suffers double damage from cold and ice based magic, weapons and attacks. Even an ordinary snowball does 1D4 M.D.

Natural Abilities

Walk on walls, ceilings and the surface of water and lava like an insect.
Fly with VTOL capabilities like a helicopter (hover in mid-air, fly up, down and sideways),
wings are extended straight out when flying , but can fold back behind the body when landed or needs to go through a narrow opening.

Keen, hawk-like vision
Nightvision 1000 feet (305 m)
Polarized sight (not affected by glare)
See the infrared spectrum of light
See the invisible
Turn invisible at will
Dimensional Teleport 23% +2% per level of experience
Knows all languages
Impervious to fire (no damage; magic fire does half damage)
Bio-regenerate 2d6 M.D.C. per melee

Shrink to Six Inches (special): A Demon Fly can reduce his size to that of a normal, large dragonfly (but still looks monstrous). P.S. and Spd are reduced to half and are not Supernatural
when in miniature form; full M.D.C. is, however, maintained . +20% to Prowl at small size when not flying (flying makes a buzzing sound) .

Skills +7%

Detect Ambush 70%
Find Contraband 60%
Intelligence 78%
Land Navigation 80%
Prowl at 55% (the buzzing of the wings tends to give them away)
Tailing 70%
Wilderness Survival 60%
Lore: Hades 60%
Lore: Demons and Monsters 60%.


Demon Flies are distant cousins to the Lasae. They have the
appearance of a demonic dragonfly with a human-l ike, skeletal
head, an insect-pincer mouth and large, round, black eyes. A
pair of antennae protrude from the cheek bones . The hands are
smaIl, pincer-like appendages at the ends of its front four legs.
The rear legs have two, clawed toes .
Demon Flies are found throughout all of Hades, but the largest
concentrations are found in the south . They are extremely active
and can be seen constantly buzzing around the Death Mire
and Zag/ore Bog (rumored to be their breedin g ground) .
As far as demons go, the Demon Fly is counted among the
FaIlen and is a mean and cantankerous creature with a seemingly
endless supply of energy . They make superb demon
scouts , spies , messengers, cargo haulers, and light air to ground assault. They may also be used by the smaller demons as riding
mounts, provided the Demon Fly allows it or his master commands
it. They enjoy spying, tattling on others, and fighting.
Cranky and aggressive, they are hot tempered, short on patience
and easily provoked into quarrels and brawls. Demon Flies tend
to care only about their own and are quick to swarm, as one is
likely to zoom around telling others of its kind about any fight
or threat leveled at another Demon Fly or their master.
A swarm tends to function with a mob mentality and may
join the fight en masse if teased, threatened or otherwise provoked.
Swarming Demon Flies have no sense of fair play and
will pile on top of a single opponent or zoom in, one or two at a
time, take a few punches or bites, and zoom off so the next 30
Demon Flies coming in behind them can do the same.
When not active they prefer to warm themselves in the glow
of a fire pit or lava stream , or feast on rotting carcasses, road
kill, and garbage. Demon Flies, along with Ghouls, are the carrion
of Hades and they serve a useful, if disgusting purpose, eating
the dead and decaying .

Aethel - Demon Fly - 4th

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