Teivel - Couril 4th


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Teivel – Couril 4th

IQ: 11
ME: 15
MA: 12
PS: 18
PE: 27
PP: 15
PB: 17
SPD: 7: Running 61: Flying

Height: 4’

Weight: 100 lbs

MDC: 60

HF: 8
PPE: 82

Alert, sneaky, and annoyingly cheerful and playful.
Annoying, because the demon is happy and playful when
he engages in torture, treachery or watches YOU (and others)
suffer, make mistakes, or die ! Likewise, the demon is a tattle-
tale who will sell out his best friend if there is some advantage in it for him, even if it is as little as the momentary favor of his master. Couril are sadistic voyeurs who love to
watch others, the more painful or embarrassing the circumstances the better. The little fiends relish the pain and suffering of others as if it were sweet nectar.


Apm: 6
Initiative: +2
Perception: +2
S: +2
P: +1
D: +4
Disarm: +1
Pull: +3
Roll: +3
All Saves: +1
HF: +8

3d6 SDC – Restrained
1d6 MDC – Full
2d6 MDC – Power Punch


Blinding Flash (I)
Calling (8)
Chameleon (6)
Cloud of Slumber (4)
Distant Voice (10)
Fingers of the Wind (5)
Speed of the Snail (50)

The Song of the Couril (special):
Forces creatures within twenty feet (6.1 m) of the singing demon to join him in
dance, similar to the Faerie’s dance. The enchanted person is forced to dance against his will around and around in a circle until he drops from exhaustion. More likely, the Couril will bombard the person with sticks, stones , or daggers while the person is helpless in enchanted dance. Victims cannot fight back, though they can try casting magic or use psionics
against the demon; no physical attacks are possible, -4 to dodge and parry, and will dance until the sweet, bouncy singing stops.
Saving Throw : 14 or higher . Those who save are not affected.


Ordinary S.D.C. weapons made of wood do their equivalent damage as M.D., so a wood staff that normally does 2D6 S.D.C. does 2D6 M.D. to the demon.

Natural Abilities

Supernatural P.S. & P.E.
Keen hawk-like vision(can see a Lasae from two miles/3.2 km away)
Poor nightvision 30 feet (9.1 m)
See the invisible
Fire and cold re-sistant (half damage)
Dimensional Teleport 10% + I% per level of experience
Bio-regenerates ID6 M.D.C . per melee round
Magically knows all languages at 95%.

Skills +7%

Dance 77%
Find Contraband 67%
Identify Plants & Fruit 77%
Impersonate Voice s and Sounds 67%
Land Navigation 77%
Prowl 77%
Sing 87%
Tailing 77%
Tracking (people) 67%
All increase at a rate of +2% per level of experience.
x3 Espionage Skills of choice
x3 WP’s of Choice
x3 Wilderness Skills of Choice


Couril are not your typical demon. For one, they are tiny,
about the size of child’s doll or action figure. For another, they
are adorned with a pair of red and purple butterfly wings. At a
quick glance, a person might mistake them for a Faerie, but
closer inspection reveals them to be a demon. The Couril’s body
looks rather like one would expect a demon or devil to look like,
hairless humanoid with deep red skin, pointed ears, and tiny,
clawed fingers and toes.

The strange little demons enjoy fluttering around in fields of
flowers, woodlands and windowsills where they like to peek in
and spy on others. Couril are voyeurs who enjoy watching the
goings -on between other people, espec ially behind closed doors,
where the little fiends can collect secrets and gossip simply by
being quiet and staying unseen. Couril then use that information
as leverage, ratting out their fellow demons, blackmailing people
for favors or money (lest they tattle to the master) and trading
information and secrets . This makes the Courit excellent
spies, lookouts, extortionists, supervisors and stool pigeons.
They also make excellent scouts and trackers who enjoy tailing
people, spying, setting up ambushes, and killing . Vicious and
cruel, they especially enjoy watching torture and acts of cruelty
and depravity.

Allies and Alliances: Couril only really trust their own kind and travel in small bands of 1D6+ and live in small flocks of 12-72. They get along with most other demons and are happy
to work with anyone, including Gargoyl es, Fallen, Faerie Folk and even mortals . However, most people dislike working with Couril, because these tattle-tales will try to sell them out for the slightest infraction unless they give the little spies a favor , silver (Couri I love silver) or valuables to keep them quiet. Note that Couril stick up for other Couril and rarely tattle or turn in a fellow Demon Faerie . They are deeply enamored by the sexy Succubus and Incubus(depending on thegender) and will often do favors for them, share secrets with them, and look the other way, especially if the Succubus/Incubus lets the Couril watch acts of seduction, torture and cruelty, or if the shape changing tempters flirt and compliment the little monster.

Rivals and Enemies: Couril dislike the Gargoyle race and the
Fallen, and take great pleasure in tormenting and causing
them grief. They despise all minions of Dyval, but hold a
special disdain for Deevils, Devilkins, Imps, and Fiends.
Couril see humans and D-Bees as their playthings and inferiors
, but will serve any mortal who caters to their cruel , voyeuristic
nature and/or gives them missions they enjoy,
especially if rewarded with good pay for their services.

Teivel - Couril 4th

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