Sin-Grilith Ba'al Rog - 7th


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Sin-Grilith Ba’al Rog – 7th

IQ: 20
ME: 15
MA: 15
PS: 39
PE: 27
PP: 33
PB: 11
SPD: 60: Running 100: Flying

Height: 14’

Weight: 2,000 lbs

MDC: 700

HF: 14
PPE: 300
Disposition: Smart, resourceful, cunning, and disciplined. A
natural born leader of men and monsters.
Life Span: Effectively immortal.


Apm: 8
Initiative: +3
Perception: +3
S: +12
P: +12
D: +12
Disarm: +3
Entangle: +3
Pull: +4
Roll: +4
Vs Magic: +10
HF: +12

Vs Coma: +24%

6d6 SDC – Restrained
5d6 MDC – Full
1d6x10 MDC – Power Punch
Claw Attack7d6 MDC
Bite 2d4 MDC
Wing Strike – 3d6
Favorite weapon is the magic Fire Whip (same as the Fire
Warlock spell , but with twice the duration time).


All levels 1-4 Fire Elemental Magic
Fire Whip (30 P.P.E .; 5d6 M.D. , and the whip is twice the normal length for a Baal-Rog)
Animate & Control Dead (20)
Turn Dead (6)
Exorcism (30)
Remove Curse (140)
Heal Wounds (10)


Baal-Rogs are vulnerable to most M.D. weapons,
including rail gun rounds, explosives and energy weapons,
except plasma and heat based weapons (impervious to
M.D. fire), as well as magic spells, magic weapons and

Natural Abilities

Supernatural P.S. and P.E.
Nightvision 90 feet (27.4 m)
See the invisible
Turn invisible at will
Track by smell 45% (+20% to follow the scent of blood or fire/smoke)
Dimensional Teleport 58% +2% per level of experience
Bio-regeneration 406 M.D. per minute (1D6 per melee round)
Impervious to heat and fire (including M.D. magic fire and plasma energy)
Impervious to toxic gases
Magically understands and speaks all languages at 98%
Leap 50 feet (15.2 m) without assistance from wings
Hover and fly, but glides in silence (equal to a Prowl of 60%)
impervious to fire, even M.D . fire and disease.

Skills +6%

Climb 80%/70%
Dance 80%
Forgery 45%
Gambling 80%
Gambling Dirty Tricks 70%
Horsemanship Exotic Animals 86/66%
Intelligence 80%
Land Navigation 80%
Literate in Dragonese/Elven 98% and two other languages
of choice
Lore: Demons & Monsters 80%
Lore: Faeries 60%
Math: Basic and Advanced 92%
Radio: Basic 80%
Swim 60%
Streetwise 80%
Track (people) 50%
Wilderness Survival 70%
W.P. Chain
W.P. Paired Weapons (including clawed hands and feet)
W.P. Whip and three W.P. of choice (any, Ancient or Modern)
All skills increase at a rate of 3% per level of experience.


The Baal-Rog is a legendary figure among the denizens of
Hades. They are known for their brawn, brains, magic, and fire,
making them one of the most famous, feared and powerful of all
the Greater Demons.

The Baal-Rog is a natural leader, excell ent strategist and tactician,
and a brilliant warrior. Baal-Rogs serve as the Captains,
Majors, Colonels, and Generals of the demon hordes, and are often
seen commanding legions of Lesser Demons, Gargoyles and
even armies or groups of Gallu Bulls, Brek-Shall , Soul Catchers
or Magots . The power and intelligence of a Baal-Rog also
makes them ideal for leading special forc es teams, reconnaissance
missions ,and conducting solo missions (all of which they
prefer over leading demon troops) . The resourceful Baal-Rog is
happy to work on his own, independent of support forces , and
does not panic if separated from other demonic forces. In fact,
renegade loners have even been known to establish lairs, criminal
operations and entire kingdoms on other worlds where they
reign as the ultimate leader.

The awesome visage of the Baal-Rog evokes a sense of raw
power and unbridled evil. The demon’s massive,bronze-skinned
body bulges with muscles, and its black, bat wings and flaming
red eyes (and whip) punctuate its demonic nature .

Sin-Grilith Ba'al Rog - 7th

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