Perspective – Tolkeen:
Over the last year in particular the western side of the Coalition territories have been writhing with military activity. Everything form stop and frisk’s to outright discrimination and murder has been rising in the populations on the outskirts of the mighty Coalition States.

Many rumors are heard in pubs, at the markets and on the streets as to what this means. Some say that the CS is gearing up for an all out offensive. Some imply that they are testing new types of technology, research and experiments focused on those who live in the grey areas of allegiance to the CS. Some think that this is all a coincidence and its par for the course as the CS take on even more fanatical views on embracing or forsaking humanity.

The scholars and rulers of Tolkeen know better though. They are willing to be prepared for a Coalition campaign of death at all costs, and even discuss preemptive actions to secure their well being in the region.

Formal Black Operations are approved by the Tolkeen Government and preparations are made in the up most secrecy to prepare a three phase response to the CS and their warmongering.

1. Reconnisance:
Every possible piece of information will be collected for analysis by way of visual, physical and magical information gathering.

2: Preventative / Defense
The Barony of Tolkeen and its surrounding contributors reinforce walls and infrastructure, make redundant power back ups, and focus their educational efforts on defensive magics that will protect their civilization.

3: Preemptive Strike
All viable and quality information will be collected and analyzed – determining where and when to hit the CS hardest.

Major Players:

Appocrophate – The Shifter is tasked with summoning his hordes to accomplish the first of the above three tasks. The characters mentioned within represent his summoned creatures.

Perspective – Coalition:
An entire Battalion of brand new Skelebots and Infantry have been tasked with using the CS western territories near Tolkeen as proving grounds for their newest technology and tactics. They have been sent to claim any potential troops and destroy anyone who is the enemy of the Coalition. Convert, submit or die. They have been ravaging the countryside eliminating, capturing and torturing dee-bees, mages and anyone else supposed to be against them. Summary executions are common place in the shadow of this evil Battalion.

Command Victor Platoon as they Maraud their section of Battalion Area Of Operations.

Coalition War Campaign